Who We Are

  • We are a professional business consultancy that partners with ambitious leaders to develop radically better businesses.
  • We deliver meaningful change throughout our clients’ organisations working with every level within the business to achieve better outcomes!
  • We partner long-term and drive persistently to create stronger businesses and increased profitability.
  • Our specialist team has the experience to determine where the problems exist in your business, how to fix them and when and how to implement the right solutions that not only meet your aspirations but offer a road map for sustainable growth and success for the long term.


What We Do

  • We seek to understand first. We listen carefully and ensure your challenges become our challenges and in turn, opportunities arise for resolution. We will challenge you to encourage growth and the development of both you and your team.
  • Sharing knowledge, expertise, and building the right partnership is essential for turning challenges into opportunities. We begin by undertaking a complete review of your business, and the outcome defines the problematic and issues of your business. This will provide a blueprint for success by defining your goals and designing a strategic business plan to achieve those goals. We then need to understand your customers and create powerful marketing solutions that improve processes and productivity.
  • We see projects through, implementing creative ideas that make a good company great!
  • We build relationships with our clients that are genuine and based on a strong foundation of trust and honesty from the very start.

Success Stories

“TCG led the charge and ran the project. They did a fantastic job in getting the results we achieved!”

 Jeff D.

“We could not have achieved this without the phenomenal team Vic put together that led us to get the results we did.”

John M.

“Wish our accountant had offered us this service three years ago!”

Chuck H.

Why Choose Us?


We know how to anticipate, collaborate, and innovate, and create opportunity from even the unforeseen obstacle. You can rely on TCG to deliver!

Growth Strategy

A well defined strategy is key to the development and growth of any modern business. Growth strategy is at the heart of what we do as in business, growth is an imperative, not an option!


By ensuring the entire organisation system is aligned and set up to deliver on the company’s objectives, we help businesses improve performance and make their organisations better places to work.


We collaborate with your team, focusing on their development and building capability that delivers real business opportunities.


To deliver sustainable growth and profitability in a digitally disrupted world, organisations need to enhance their business value. Our services help to integrate sustainable strategies, operating models, processes and technologies.


The Collaborative Group helps companies grow, improve and manage change. We offer a broad range of services covering all aspects of your business, providing the expertise to take your business to an exciting new level.

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for a Changing World

The question is: Are you ready for this new disruptive age and how are you preparing to make the most of this new technology?

Technologies are emerging and affecting our lives in ways that mimic the Industrial Revolution. A new era that will mean involving entirely new capabilities for people and machines that will affect the running of every aspect of our businesses.

Every period of upheaval has winners and losers. The transition is never easy but with a positive attitude and wise planning, good things do emerge.   For example, the logistics operations of a business – this will become fully automated but more reliable.

Whilst we are in the midst of this disruptive age, now is the time for business to embrace the new thinking and technology, the new digital age and automation, the events of which will open up a bigger global stage.  Certainly, there are complex issues here but we must find the right fit for your business to modernise, learn, implement and extend our thinking to encompass as much of this new technology into as many aspects of your business as possible.

Of all the businesses we present to and discuss their issues, at least 80% resist the future and don’t understand what is happening around them nor are they at the cutting edge of planning for the future. Of this we’re sure – if a business doesn’t begin to evolve they will find they are suddenly uncompetitive and they will be forced to change with added cost, scrambling to catch up!

Our strategies take this new disruptive age into consideration when determining the path your company should take to forge ahead into an even more modern future.  Working together to plan the changes you need to prevent falling behind is how we collaborate with you to succeed!

We strive for excellence in helping companies innovate, transform and lead.

Change is such a difficult thing. Our inertia of what we know and are comfortable with has a strength to hold us back, in place, often to our detriment.
There’s always a need to change, develop, and be with the trend at the very least – if not (hopefully), setting the trend. Most business owners have built their enterprise around their experiences as they grow the business. They usually don’t have a reference point to compare or challenge what they believe is right, yet, there is a real need to change to achieve their ambitions. In short, this lack of perspective is what’s holding back the business from achieving its goals.
It’s not a problem to discuss rationally with a business owner the need to change. They talk through …. Adopt or introduce new ideas. All is fine.
You finish and all leave the meeting with full commitment. So, what happens to this change when the business owner has every intention of doing what he has agreed to? He or she gets an urgent phone call or an issue arises, then other matters of perceived or real urgency roll in and the day is gone. The events of the day reclaim the attention of the business owner who reverts back to comfort of their daily agenda. The matter for change is (happily and often conveniently) forgotten.
Today, technology is sweeping through every aspect of our business lives. If we don’t learn how to change, we will be left behind, and in most cases, unable to catch up.
The vast majority of people come to work each day and work very hard at their jobs. This is no longer good enough. It’s the job of the business owner and the management team to define the goals of the business and develop a strategy of change to achieve those objectives. As well, they need to change as often as necessary to ‘get there!’
Let’s talk about how we can help you get there.


A very interesting article, the point is relevant to us all and for business leaders and entrepreneurs it’s message is specific: the pace of technology is moving so very fast that if we don’t make ourselves aware and adapt we will be by-passed!
I was in London in April and watched a documentary on machines that will sort, pick and pack mixed salads which you will buy for lunch or dinner. The speed of the picking fingers was amazing and the machine can grade the products as it works. These machines and this technology will mean job losses, new investment requirements and could mean a change to pricing and profitability. This trend is only going to get quicker. Working hard and expecting rewards won’t change, we have to look to the future and where and what the trends are now as well!

We get to work and the rush of the day begins. We work hard and go home feeling satisfied, or are we? Few businesses can define their objective in the short or long term, this means that it is impossible to develop a strategy because we don’t know what we want to achieve, nor the time frame we are planning for I once asked the head of a large insurance group what his strategy for the next one to two years was, he said, “sell 9 % more!” I replied, “that’s a good objective but what is your strategy to achieve it?” “That’s easy.” he answered. “I called my sales managers together and told them to sell 9% more!”

He never made it nor will any company that doesn’t clearly define its objectives and a strategy to get there and then implement it. This is true whatever your size.

Sales are the single most important thing any company does, yet we employ our sales people for a range of reasons, many emotive, which is important, but we often don’t set the rules and expectations for what they must achieve and in what time limit this has to be done.

A long time ago when I was a production planner, I was asked if I was interested in sales? I said yes. The sales manager never gave me a target, either volume of sales or GM%, he simply patted me on the back each Friday as I left his office and said, “Sell more!” In many cases much has not changed and both sides get disillusioned because the business case hasn’t been calculated, declared and agreed to.

Get this right and you have a great potential to get your sales and a loyal employee.

It is hard to believe that many businesses don’t know how to cost. I know, you are saying, “Vic is dreaming!” However, that’s not the case. In nine years of consulting I’ve found that many, most companies in fact, take their FIS (Free into Store) manufactured or even their direct hourly price and add a percentage which either they believe is what the industry norm is, a percentage someone told them, or they match someone else’s pricing without out knowing what their own fully absorbed costs are or what the circumstances of the other party is.

To cost properly one should calculate the fully absorbed cost, that is direct and indirect costs. This is the only way you will know your true expected profitability. Then comes the pricing of the product; here we are in a different world. A sage once said; “Costing is a science, but pricing is an art!”

Sales and the strategic planning and expedition of sales is the single most important thing any business can do.

Companies must meet the aspirations of its employees or they will become disillusioned and leave. Unfortunately, it’s the best people who leave. But how do we pave the way between the individual and their ambition? We need to recognise what the potential of the individual is and see how that fits into the needs of the company in the immediate and long term. It is my experience that one can’t put qualities into someone, we can only develop what’s already in them. Trying to plant a seed that’s not already within will only let it lie fallow. We need to spend management time assessing what the real potential is in our staff, make them aware of our opinion, be open and pave the way for their growth.